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Benefits of Stone

Stone is the strongest and most durable of all materials available. With minimal care, quality fabricated stone can easily stand up to the rigors of life in a home or commercial setting with minimal care. However, stone does require a little tender loving care and maintenance.

Stone offers a number of different characteristics and benefits and we know you'll choose a stone that best suits your particular needs. Generally, customers select stone based on one of the following reasons:

1. Stain, spill-resistance and lower maintenance associated with sealed stone.

2. The fabulous look and feel of stone and the statement that natural stone makes.

3. The desire to bring a bit of nature into their home or commercial space.

4. The best of all worlds: more protection and the distinction that comes only with natural stone -- an affordable work of art.

All stone is subject to wear and tear from daily use, abrasive utensils, and food and beverage spills. Protected (professionally sealed) stone will hold up better. We recommend that you reseal your stone in frequently used areas every few years, to ensure the continued beauty.

We are confident that we can assist you in making an outstanding, informed selection. We are your "stone experts" so please feel free to call upon us with any of your immediate or future stone needs.